Curriculum Vitae

University Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Virginia Tech

Born on April 19th 1930 in Manchester, New Hampshire
Citizenship: U.S.


Sc.D. (Civil Engineering), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1956.

S.M. (Civil Engineering), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1953.

B.C.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1951.

Professional Experience

Soil Engineer, U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS – 1955

Officer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USA and Germany – 1956-1958

University of California, Berkeley, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering:

Cahill Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus, 1993 –

Edward G. Cahill and John R. Cahill Professor of Civil Engineering 1989-1993

Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering 1979-84

Professor and Research engineer, 1968-1989

Associate professor and Associate Research engineer, 1963-1968

Assistant professor and Assistant Research engineer, 1958-63

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech):

University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, 1999-

University Distinguished Professor, 1996-1999

Charles E. Via, Jr. Professor of Civil Engineering, 1994-1999

Geotechnical Engineering Consultant, 1960-

Registered Civil Engineer and Geotechnical Engineer, California

Licensed Professional Engineer, Virginia

Professional Service Activities

American Society of Civil Engineers:

Committee on Society Prizes, 1995-96

Strategic Planning Committee, 1988-90

A.S.C.E. Geotechnical Engineering Division and Geo-Institute:

ASCE External Review Panel to review the work of the Department of Defense Interagency Performance Evaluation Task Force studying performance of the  New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana Hurricane Protection System in Hurricane Katrina. (2005-2007)
A.S.C.E. California State Council (president 1987)
A.S.C.E. San Francisco Section (president 1987)
Aerospace Transport Division Committee on Civil Engineer in Space, 1967-71
International Activities Task Force, 1999
A.S.C.E. Geo-Institute U.S.N.S. Fund Task Force, 1998
Committee on Environmental Concerns in Geotechnical Engineering, 1987-93
Continuing Education Committee, 1970-76
Committee on Placement and Improvement of Soils, 1970-80 (chair 1974-80) Research Council on Expansive Soils, 1970-80
Awards Committee, 1967-69, 1986-91, (chair 1967-69)
Executive Committee, 1965-71 (secretary 1965-69, vice chair, 1970, chair, 1971)
Committee on Standards and Definitions, 1959-72
Task Committee on Information Retrieval, 1963-67
Committee on Soil Properties, 1964-74 (chair 1964-71)

American Society for Testing and Materials:

Subcommittee R-6 on Physico-Chemical Properties of Soils, 1960-65

Committee D-18, Subcommittee G-5 on Information Retrieval (Chair, 1964-67)

Canadian Geotechnical Society:

Cross-Canada Lecturer, 1995

City of San Francisco:

Special Study on Earthquake Hazard Mitigation in the Marina District, 1990 (chair)

Review Committee for San Francisco Liquefaction Study, 1990 (chair)

Clay Minerals Society:

Member of the Council,

Department of Homeland Security:

Panel for Review of Research, Washington, DC,  2010.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute


Institute for Professional Practice:

Board of Directors, 1997-2000

International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering:

U.S.N.S. fund trustee, 1994-98)

XI Int. Conf. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (vice-chairman, 1985)

U.S. National Committee for ISSMGE (vice-chairman, 1971, chairman 1972)

Model Library Book Committee, 1995

Panamerican Committee chair, 1989-94

First vice president and vice president for North America, 1989-94

Japanese Geotechnical Society

Soils and Foundations Overseas Editor, 1997 –

National Aeronautics Space Administration:

Science Working Panel, 1971-73

Principal Investigator for Apollo Soil Mechanics Experiment, Missions 14-17

Apollo Field Geology Experiment Team, 1967-70

National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and National Research Council (NRC) Service

Committee on State of the Art and Practice in Earth quake Induced Liquefaction Assessment (NRC) (2014-2016)

Committee on Induced Seismicity Potential in Energy Technologies (NRC) (2011-1014)

2009 NAE Nominating Committee (NAE) (2008-2009)

Sciences (NRC) (2008-2009)
Communications Activities Review of the National Academies’ Board on Earth and Life

Committee to Assess the Performance of Engineered Barriers (NRC) (Chair 2005-2007)

Water Science and Technology Board (NRC) (2005-2008)

NASA Lunar Capability Roadmap Review – Panel A: In-Situ Resource Utilization (NRC)

Bureau of Reclamation (NRC) (Chair 2005-2006)
Committee on Organizing to Manage Construction and Infrastructure in the 21st Century

Opportunities for Research and Technological Innovation (NRC) (2003-2005)
Committee on Geological and Geotechnical Engineering in the New Millennium:

on Peer Review
Review for Water Resources Project Planning (NRC) (2001-2004); Chair of Panel
Committee to Assess the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Methods of Analysis and Peer

Section 04 (Civil Engineering) (NAE) (Chair 2003-2005)

Section 04 (Civil Engineering) Executive Committee (NAE) (Vice Chair 2001-2003)

Technology Plan (NRC) (2000-2001)
Committee for Review of the Hanford Site’s Environmental Remediation Science and

Civil Engineering Peer Committee (NAE) (2000-2003)

Sites: Research Needs and Opportunities (NRC) (Vice Chair 1998-1999)
Committee on Subsurface Contamination at Department of Energy (DOE) Complex

NAE Election of Officers/Councilors Task Group (NAE) (1998-2000)

Civil Engineering Section Liaison Committee to the National Research Council (NAE)

1997 Nominating Committee (NAE) (1996-1997)

the Shallow Subsurface for Environmental Engineering Applications (NRC) (1995-
Committee on Seeing Into the Earth: Non-Invasive Techniques for Characterization of

Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment (NRC) (1994-1996)

Geotechnical Board (NRC) (1988-1994; Chair 1990-1994)

Transportation Research Board Executive Committee (NRC) (1983-1987)

Committee on Army Basic Scientific Research (NRC) (1982-1985)

National Science Foundation:

Kobe Earthquake (1995) and Turkey Earthquake (1999) Geotechnical Reconnaissance Teams

Advisory Committee to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Program, 1979-81, Committee of Visitors to the CMS Division, 1999

NSF review panels, 1966, 1976, 1978-79, 1984

National Council for Geo-Engineering and Construction steering committee, 1994

1980 Kuwait Prize selection committee

Program Reviews:

Civil Engineering Academic Advisory Board, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; 2008

Civil Engineering Advisory Board, Polytechnic University, 1996-98

Naval Research Laboratory Marine Geosciences Science and Technology Program, 1999 Civil Engineering Advisory Board, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1996-1999

Cornell University School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1996

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rutgers University, 1996

University, 1992 (chair)
Graduate Programs in Civil Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State

Foundations/Sea Floor Engineering Research Program of Offshore Technology Research Center, Texas A & M, 1992

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Michigan, 1989

1989 (chair)
Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder,

Coordinating Board, 1989
Reviewer of Civil Engineering Doctoral Programs for Texas Higher Education

Scientific Research, 1982-85
U.S. Army Research Office Committee on Recommendations for U.S. Army Basic

Transportation Research Board:

Review Panels for FHWA FCP Projects 4D, 4H, 5B, 1975-81

Committee on Chemical Stabilization of Foundations, 1970-82

International Conference on Effects of Temperature and Heat on Engineering Behavior of Soils (chair 1968)

Committee on Physico-Chemical Phenomena in Soils (chair 1967-72)

Soil-Cement Stabilization Committee, 1964-79

Consulting Projects

Date Title Location Company Area of expertise
2011 – I-20 Mississippi River Bridge at Vicksburg (Consulting Review Board) Vicksburg, MS Ardaman Associates Other Soil consolidation & Fill Settlements
2010 – 2013 Ground Improvement Pyramid of the Specialist Technical Apprentice SchemE (Technical Master) Australia Coffey Geotechnics Soil stabilization/Ground Improvement Soil stabilization/Ground Improvement
2010 – 2011 Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Unit No.3 (Peer Review Panel) Maryland Bechtel Corporation Nuclear Power Plants Soil Mechanics
2010 – 2011 Alaskan Way Seawall Replacement Project Technical Advisory Board Seattle, WA Tetra Tech Other Waste/Environmental projects
2009 – 2014 DOE Savannah River Site Soft Zone Program (Independent Peer Review Panel) South Carolina Waste/Environmental projects Dams & Seismic remediation of dams
2009 – Kennecott Qualified Prefeasibility Tailings Dam Expansion (Design Review Board) Kennecott Mine, Utah URS Corporation Mines/Tailings Seismic design of reinforced earth walls
2008 – Linville Dam Embankment Seismic Stability Improvements (Board of Consultants) Linville, Carolinas Duke Energy Carolinas Dams & Seismic remediation of dams Embankments
2006 – 2011 Design of the Eastward Expansion of Craney Island and The Port of Virginia’s Proposed Craney Island Marine Terminal Virginia Blue Ribbon Panel for Review of Craney Island Design Partners Embankments Slope Stabilization
2006 – 2009 San Pablo Dam Seismic Upgrade (Technical Review Board) California East Bay Municipal Utility District Dams & Seismic remediation of dams Mines/Tailings
2005 – 2006 Tuttle Creek Dam (Kansas) Modification Project Tuttle Dam, Kansas Treviicos Dams & Seismic remediation of dams Liquefaction/Seismic studies
2005 – Seismic Safety Evaluations of Isabella Dam, California (Advisory Panel) Sacramento, CA U.S.A.C.E., Sacramento District Dams & Seismic remediation of dams Space Engineering
2004 – Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam, Consultant Review Board California U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Dams & Seismic remediation of dams Pavements
2004 – Bridgewater Project (Three dams in North Carolina) Seismic Stability Improvements Charlotte, NC Devine Tarbell & Associates Inc Dams & Seismic remediation of dams Retaining Walls/Soil Nailing
2002 – 2005 High rock waste piles at Questa Mine, NM, Technical Review Board Questa Mine, NM Molycorp Mines/Tailings Excavations
2002 – Coquitlam Dam Seismic Remediation, Technical Review Board Coquitlam,BC BC Hydro Dams & Seismic remediation of dams Nuclear Power Plants
2002 – Seymour Falls Dam Seismic Upgrade Project Vancouver, BC Klohn Crippen Dams & Seismic remediation of dams Other
2001 – 2008 Seismic Vulnerability Study, Bay Area Rapid Transit System, Peer review Panel San Francisco, CA Liquefaction/Seismic studies
2001 – Cherry Island Landfill Expansion Project, Project Experts Panel Wilmington, DE Project Experts Panel Embankments
2000 – 2002 Seismic Safety and Ground Improvement of Pineview Dam, Consultant Review Board Ogden, UT US Bureau of Reclamation Dams & Seismic remediation of dams
2000 – 2002 Seismic Safety of Deer Creek Dam, Consultant Review Board Provo, UT US Bureau of Reclamation Dams & Seismic remediation of dams
2000 – 2002 Sea-Tac International Airport Third Runway Project, Embankment Technical Review Board Seattle, WA Port of Seattle and HNTB Embankments
2000 – 2002 I-95/US-1 Interchange, Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement Project Virginia Haley & Aldrich and Virginia Geotechnical Services Other
1995 – 1997 Seismic Working Group for Closure of the OII Superfund Site Landfill Los Angeles, CA GeoSyntec Consultants Embankments
1995 – 1996 Costa Oriental Dikes Working Group Maraven, Lagunillas, Venezuela Costa Oriental Dikes Working Group Embankments
1995 – Seismic Remediation and Stability of Success Dam, Consulting Panel California U.S.A.C.E Dams & Seismic remediation of dams
1994 – 1995 Design Manual in Soil Nailing, prepared for FHWA, Peer-reviewer Golder Associates Retaining Walls/Soil Nailing
1990 – 1994 Port of Los Angeles 2020 Expansion Project, Geotechnical Review Board Embankments
1986 – 1990 Behavior of Reinforced Soil Federal Highway Administration Soil stabilization/Ground Improvement
1985 – 1986 Compacted Fill Settlements Riyadh U.S.A.C.E. Riyadh District Soil consolidation & Fill Settlements
1980 – 1984 Pavement failures in Las Vegas Las Vegas Design Professionals Insurance Company Pavements
1979 – 1984 Jebba Dam Project Nigeria Montreal Engineering Company Dams & Seismic remediation of dams
2015 Delta Science Program – Delta Levee Prioritization Methodology Peer Review California California Delta Stewardship Council Waste/Environmental projects
2005 Remediation of chromium ore contaminated site in New Jersey New Jersey GeoSyntec Consultants Waste/Environmental projects
2001 Advice on Terzaghi Dam Cutoff Wall Seepage Problem Vancouver, BC BC Hydro Dams & Seismic remediation of dams
2001 Soil Cement Issues related to Private Fuel Storage Project for temporary storage of nuclear waste, Expert testimony Utah Soil Mechanics
2000 Advice on Keenleyside Dam Remediation Vancouver, BC BC Hydro Dams & Seismic remediation of dams
1998 Liquefaction Risk Mitigation Strategy Development Lexington, KY Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott and May Liquefaction/Seismic studies
1998 Soil Stability and Ground Stabilization for Wharfs 57 & 58, Port of Oakland Oakland, CA Geomatrix Consultants Soil stabilization/Ground Improvement
1997 Excavation Support System Failure Analysis Boston, MA LeComte, Emanuelson, Motejunas & Doyle Excavations
1996 Ground Improvement for Liquefaction Risk Mitigation at Scofield Dam Denver, CO Bureau of Reclamation Soil stabilization/Ground Improvement
1996 Contractor’s claim evaluation Gallipolis Lock and Dam Gallipolis, West Virginia U.S.A.C.E. Huntington District
1994 Domenigoni Reservoir Project, Consulting Board Los Angeles, CA Woodward-Clyde Consultants Dams & Seismic remediation of dams
1994 Kennecott Utah Copper Tailings Expansion, Geotechnical Review Board Kennecott, UT Woodward-Clyde Consultants Mines/Tailings
1994 Seismic Safety of Four Hydroelectric Dams in Northern California, Consulting Board San Francisco, CA Pacific Gas & Electric Company Dams & Seismic remediation of dams
1987 Basalt Waste Isolation Project, Licensing Assurance Review Panel Hanford, WA Waste/Environmental projects
1983 Horseshoe Bend Slide Stabilization Boise, ID Northern Engineering and Testing Slope Stabilization
1982 Seismic Design of Reinforced Earth Walls Arlington, VA Reinforced Earth Co. Retaining Walls
1980 Seafloor Soil Properties Albuquerque Sandia Laboratories Soil Mechanics
1980 Experimental concepts for measuring soil strength in zero-g environment NASA Soil Mechanics
1980 Technical Review Board for Borehole Plugging for Nuclear Waste Containment San Francisco, CA Woodward-Clyde Consultants Waste/Environmental projects
1974 Design and Construction of Shale Embankments U.S.A.C.E. Waterways Experiment Station Embankments
Clay Consolidation beneath Fills San Francisco, CA Dames and Moore Soil consolidation & Fill Settlements
Materials Research and Development Oakland, CA Soil stabilization/Ground Improvement
Soil Testing Services, Soil Stabilization in Pavement Design for U.S. Air Force Chicago U.S. Air Force Soil stabilization/Ground Improvement
Lunar Soil Problems Houston NASA Manned Spacecraft Center Space Engineering
Seepage at Twin Buttes Dam Denver, CO Water and Power Resources Service (USBR) Dams & Seismic remediation of dams
Soft ground stabilization for waterfront structures San Francisco, CA Dames and Moore Soil stabilization/Ground Improvement

Other Consulting Activities

1964 – 1994 Advisor to Professional Development Program Woodward, Clyde Consultants
no info provided McClelland Engineers, Houston
no info provided Schnabel Foundation Company
no info provided National Bureau of Standards
no info provided Bechtel, Inc
1984 – Environmental Institute for Waste Management Studies Alabama University of Alabama
1994 Consultant on the Electro-osmosis field experiment Italian Commission for the Restoration of the Tower of Pisa


Date Name Organization Member
2012 Honorary Member of the Inaugural Class of the Academy of Distinguished Alumni University of California, Berkeley, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering YES
2008 Honoree at 6th International Conference on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering and Symposium in Honor of Professor James K. Mitchell, Arlington, VA
1999 International Honorary Member Japanese Geotechnical Society YES
Chi Epsilon
Tau Beta Pi
Sigma Xi
1998 Election to National Academy of Sciences National Academy of Sciences YES
1993 Distinguished Member American Society of Civil Engineers YES
1993 Choi Kin Kung Fellowship University of Hong Kong NO
1993 Berkeley Citation U.C. Berkeley NO
1989 Edward G. Cahill and John R. Cahill Chair in Civil Engineering U.C. Berkeley YES
1976 Election to National Academy of Engineering National Academy of Engineering YES
1953 M.I.T. Overseas Summer Fellowship for research at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute M.I.T. NO


2015 Keynote Speaker, Annual Lecture Program Virginia Tech Center for Geotechnical Practice and Research Blacksburg, VA
2014 The Fourth Victor de Mello Lecture Goiania, Brazil
2014 The Laurits Bjerrum Lecture Oslo, Norway
2013 Chair Session on the Legacy of Ralph B. Peck 7th International Conference on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering Chicago
2013 Keynote Lecturer 15th Taiwanese Conf. on Geotechnical Engineering Yunlin
2013 Keynote Lecturer GeoVirginia 2013 Williamsburg, VA
2012 Inaugural William S. Gardner Lecture Philadelphia
2012 State of the Art Speaker ASCE GeoInstitute GeoCongress 2012 Oakland, CA
2012 Conference Keynote Lecture GeoVirginia 2012 Williamsburg, VA
2010 Distinguished Lecturer in Civil Engineering University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada Edmonton Canada
2010 Clarence E. Davies ’14 Memorial Lecture Soil Mechanics to Geotechnical Engineering: 60 Years in the Evolution of a Discipline Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY
2010 Keynote Speaker ASCE NYC Metropolitan Section Geotechnical Seminar New York, NY
2009 Keynote Lecturer California Geotechnical Engineers Association Conference Sonoma, CA
2008 Keynote Speaker Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics IV (GEESD IV) Sacramento, CA
2008 Stanley D. Wilson Memorial Lecture Seattle, WA
2008 Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers Lecture Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers New York
2007 Lymon C. Reese Lecture University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX
2007 Kenneth Lee Lecture ASCE Los Angeles Section, Geotechnical Engineering Group Los Angeles, CA
2006 H. Bolton Seed Lecture ASCE Geo Institute Congress Atlanta, GA
2006 Frank E. Richart Lecture Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI
2006 Keynote Lecturer GeoShanghai Shanghai, China
2006 C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture Purdue University West Lafayette, IN
2006 James M. Hoover Lecture Iowa State University Ames, IA
2006 2nd EIGER Distinguished Lecture Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
2004 The Seventeenth Nabor Carrillo Lecture Guadalajara, Mexico
2002 Special Lecture 50th Annual Geotechnical Engineering Conference University of Minnesota
2002 Keynote Lecturer Launch of the Nottingham Centre for Geomechanics Nottingham University, UK
2002 Lecturer 55th Canadian Geotechnical Conference and 3rd Joint IAH-CNC/CGS Conference Niagara Falls, Ont
2001 Invited Lecture C.C. Ladd Symposium Cambridge, MA
2000 Invited lecture First Panamerican Conference on the Teaching and Learning Process in Geotechnical Engineering Oaxaca, Mexico
1999 Converse-Ward Lecture Northern NJ ASCE NJ
1999 University of Massachusetts Distinguished Lecture on Geotechnical Engineering University of Massachusetts University of Massachusetts
1998 Two-video series Ground Improvement for Dam Safety for the Federal Interagency Committee on Dam Safety
1998 Keynote Lecturer International Conference on Site Characterization ISC’98 Atlanta, GA
1997 Special Lecturer Professor Sakuro Murayama Memorial Symposium Kyoto University
1997 Geotechnical Distinguished Lecture Purdue University West Lafayette, IN
1997 T. H. Wu Lecture Ohio State University Columbus, OH
1997 Prague Geotechnical Lecture Czech Republic Czech Republic
1997 Keynote Lecturer Symposium on Recent Developments in Soil and Pavement Mechanics Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1997 Keynote Lecturer ASCE Geo-Institute Conference on In-Situ Remediation of the Environment Minneapolis, MN
1996 Keynote Lecturer 3rd International Symposium on Environmental Geotechnology San Diego, CA
1996 Special Lecturer Second International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics (IS-OSAKA ’96) Osaka, Japan
1996 ASCE Geo-Institute Inaugural Lecture Geo Institute
1995 Keynote Lecturer Geoenvironment 2000, ASCE Specialty Conference New Orleans, Louisiana
1995 Inaugural Robert  L. Schiffman ’44 Lecture Cornell University Ithaca, NY
1995 Cross-Canada Lecturer Canadian Geotechnical Society Canada
1995 Keynote Lecturer EPA/DOE/DuPont Workshop on Containment Technology Baltimore, MD
1995 Keynote Speaker Ground Improvement Sessions at ASCE National Convention
1995 State-of-the Art Speaker X PanAmerican Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Guadalajara, Mexico
1995 Third Spencer J. Buchanan Lecturer Texas A & M University Austin, TX
1994 Arthur Casagrande Memorial Lecturer Boston Society of Civil Engineers Boston, MA
1994 G. Brooks Earnest Award Lecture Cleveland Section, ASCE Cleveland, OH
1994 Charles E. Via, Jr. Professorship Lecture Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
1994 Kentucky ASCE Geotechnical Engineering Group Honorary Lecture Kentucky ASCE Kentucky
1993 – 1994 Distinguished Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
1993 Ardaman Lecture University of Florida Gainesville, FL
1993 Keynote Lecture Seattle Section ASCE Geotechnical Seminar Seattle, WA
1993 Keynote Speaker Vancouver Geotechnical Society Ground Improvement Seminar Vancouver, CA
1993 Distinguished Lecturer Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and  Technology Hong Kong
1993 Keynote Lecturer International Conference of Soft Soil Engineering Guangzhou, China
1992 Keynote Lecture 6th Australia-New Zealand Geomechanics Conference Christchurch, NZ
1991 31st Rankine Lecture British Geotechnical Society London
1990 Chairman H. Bolton Seed Memorial Symposium Berkeley, CA
1990 Series of 6 invited Lectures in Italy and Switzerland Italy, Switzerland
1990 State-of-the-Art Lecture ASCE Specialty Conference, Cornell University Ithaca, NY
1989 Keynote Lecture ASCE Metropolitan Section Geotechnical Continuing Education Program
1989 Distinguished Geotechnical Engineer Lecture Louisiana State University  Baton Rouge, LA
1989 Woodward Lecture Woodward-Clyde Consultants
1988 Special Lecture First Int. Conf. on Penetration Testing Orlando, FL
1988 Lecturer Los Angeles ASCE Geotechnical Group’s Annual Program on the Queen Mary Los Angeles, CA
1988 Theme Lecturer ASCE Specialty Conference on Hydraulic Fills Ft. Collins, CO
1987 Master of Ceremonies for Bridge Builders Day 50th Anniversary of Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, CA
1987 Invited Lecture ASCE Specialty Conf. on Geotechnical Practice for Waste Disposal Ann Arbor, MI
1987 Theme Lecturer VIII Pan American Conf. on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Cartagena, Colombia
1986 Invited Lecture Int. Conf. on Deep Foundations Beijing, China
1984 ASCE Terzaghi Lecture ASCE
1983 Martin S. Kapp Lecturer New York, NY
1983 Lecture on Earth Walls Annual Meeting of National Academy of Engineering
1982 The Miles Kersten Lecture University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
1982 James F. Haley Memorial Lecture M.I.T. Cambridge, MA
1982 Invited Lectures at University of Lulea University of Lulea Sweden
1982 Special Lecture at International Commemorative Conference of Soil Mechanics International Commemorative Conference of Soil Mechanics Mexico City
1982 Northern Testing Laboratories Distinguished Lecturer Northern Testing Laboratories Boise, ID
1981 16th Henry M. Shaw Lecture North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC
1981 State-of-the-Art Speaker X Int. Conf. on Soil Mech. and Found. Engrg., Stockholm
1980 Lecturer Mexican Society of Soil Mechanics Mexico
1979 General Reporter Int. Conf. on Soil Reinforcement Paris
1979 Series of Eight Lectures Across Western Canada Canada
1979 Lecture on ground reinforcement techniques to Nigerian Engineers Society Nigerian Engineers Society Nigeria
1976 Bicentennial Lecture to Philadelphia Section ASCE Philadelphia, PA
1975 State-of-the-Art Speaker ASCE Specialty Conference Raleigh, NC
1974 Invited Lecturer European Symposium on Penetration Testing Stockholm Invited
1974 Series of Three Invited Lectures Moscow State University Moscow
1973 Special Lecture 3rd Int. Conf. on Expansive Soils Haifa, Israel Presentations
1973 On the Moon with Apollo C.A.L. Series Berkeley, CA
1970 – 1972 Apollo Astronaut Briefings Named
1969 Apollo 11 Lunar Landing – Special Presentation 7th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundatiosn Engineering Mexico City Presentations Keynote
1968 Series of Five Invited Lectures Moscow State University, U.S.S.R Moscow Invited Invited

Courses Taught

Institution Course title Type Date
Virginia Tech Soil Mechanics Undergraduate 1994-1999
Natural Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Undergraduate
Geoenvironmental Engineering Graduate
Geotechnical Seminar Graduate
Soil and Site Improvement Graduate
University of California, Berkeley Engineering Surveys Laboratory Undergraduate 1958-1993
Properties of Materials Laboratory Undergraduate
Introduction to Civil Engineering Undergraduate
Soil Properties and their Engineering Applications Undergraduate
Soil and Foundation Engineering Undergraduate
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Design Undergraduate
Directed Group Study for Advanced Undergraduates Undergraduate
Contemporary Technology Undergraduate
The Art and Science of Civil Engineering Practice Undergraduate
Application of Physico-Chemical Properties in Soil Engineering Graduate
Physicochemical Principles and Soil Behavior Graduate
Soil Stabilization Special Problems Graduate
Advanced Soil Mechanics Graduate
Advanced Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Graduate
Advanced Soil Mechanics Laboratory Graduate
Advanced Topics in Soil Mechanics Graduate
Soil Behavior Graduate
Soil and Site Improvement Graduate
Geotechnical Aspects of Offshore Engineering Graduate
Advanced Foundation Engineering Graduate
Earth Structures Graduate