Liu Ning Testimonial

Recollections of a Former PhD Student

No people in my life had a greater influence on me than Professor Mitchell. None of the work in my early academic research could have been carried out without his remarkable guidance. He guided me into the world of Geoengineering with his wisdom and insight and was always ready with helpful ideas and suggestions even though his desk is piled with hundreds of things.

Prof. Mitchell is such an amiable person. In my memory, he had never criticized me for any mistake in research or difficulty in communicating in English. It was his innovative suggestions and persistent encourage which drove me to face failures and achieve succuss.

I feel joyful that Prof. Mitchell maintains a good health condition. He have a very positive attitude towards life and is always optimistic about future. I admired him for being able to travel thousands miles to Asia at his eighties and climb up the Yellow Mountain and the Great Wall of China.

Prof. Mitchell is a great scientist, a mentor and a role model for me. I feel extremely lucky and grateful for having him as my supervisor.

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