PhD Students

Doctoral Students Supervised by J. K. Mitchell

Last NameFirst NameYear of CompletionDissertation TitleCurrent Positione-mailPhotos
1ShillaberCraig M.2016Toward Sustainable Development: Quantifying Environmental Impact via Embodied Energy and CO2 Emissions for Geotechnical Construction (Co-chair with J.E. Dove)Northeastern U.[email protected]
2 SuarezNestor2012Micromechanical Aspects of Aging in Granular Soils (Co-chair with T.L. Brandon)Fugro, Houston
3NingLiu2007Soil and Site Characterization Using Electromagnetic WavesFaculty- Shanghai[email protected]
4GreenRussell A.2001Energy-based evaluation and remediation of liquefiable soilsFaculty, Virginia Tech[email protected]
5BonitaJohn A.2000The effects of vibration on the penetration resistance and pore water pressure in sandsWeidlinger Assoc., Washington, DC[email protected]
6CookeHarry G.2000Ground improvement for liquefaction mitigation at existing highway bridgesFaculty, Rochester Inst. of Technology[email protected]
7GallagherPatricia M.2000Passive site remediation for mitigation of liquefaction riskFaculty, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[email protected]
8BaxterChristopher D.P.1999An experimental study on the aging of sandsFaculty, Univ. of Rhode Island, Narragansett, Rhode Island[email protected]
9Narin van CourtWade A.1997Investigation of the densification mechanisms and predictive methodologies for explosive compactionAECOM, Portland, ME (?)[email protected]
10ChewSoon Hoe1994Deformation behavior of reinforced soil wallsFaculty, National University of Singapore, Singapore[email protected]
11LodgeAngela L.1994Shear wave velocity measurements for subsurface characterizationUnknown
12McRaeMichael T.1994The behavior of deep excavations in weathered rock (co-chair with T. L. Brekke)Principal, Jacobs Associates, San Francisco, California[email protected]
13OlsenRichard S.1994Normalization and prediction of geotechnical properties using the cone penetrometer test (CPT)Obsolete – has transferred to D.C. ,ERDC, Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg, MS[email protected]
14SogaKenichi1994Mechanical behavior and constitutive modelling of natural structured soilsFaculty, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England[email protected]
15ZornbergJorge G.1994Performance of geotextile-reinforced soil structuresFaculty, Univ. of Texas, Austin, Texas[email protected]
16KayenRobert E.1993Accelerogram-energy approach for prediction of earthquake-induced ground liquefactionU.S.G.S., Menlo Park, CA[email protected]
17SadekM. Salah1993A comparative study of the electrical and hydraulic conductivities of compacted clayProfessor, American University of Beirut, Lebanon[email protected]
18 SalgadoRodrigo1993Analysis of penetration resistance in soilsFaculty, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana[email protected]
19YapaK.A.S.1993Decomposed granite as an embankment fill material: Some mechanical properties and the influence of particle breakage (N. Sitar co-chair)Sri Lanka (?)
20ChangMu-Hsiung1992Slope stability analysis of lined waste landfillsFaculty, National Yunlin Univ. of Science & Technology, Taiwan [email protected]
21DermatasDimitris1992An experimental study to elucidate and eliminate ettringite-induced swelling in lime-stabilized sulfate-bearing clayey soilsAssociate Professor, Department of Water Resources and Environmental, NTUA, Greece [email protected]
22HumanChristine A.1992Time-dependent property changes of freshly deposited or densified sandsFaculty, University at Buffalo, The State Univ. of New York, Buffalo, New York[email protected]
23SchmertmannGary R.1991Effects of variable backfill compaction and settlement on reinforced soil wall behaviorPrincipal, Golder Associates, Australia [email protected]
24MasoodTahir1990Determination of lateral earth pressure in soils by in situ measurementBerkeley Assoc. [email protected]
25SissonRichard C.1990Lateral stresses on displacement penetrometersLead Engineer – Geotechnical, CNRL, Calgary, Alberta, Canada[email protected]
26YeungAlbert T.1990Electrokinetic barrier to contaminant transport through compacted clayFaculty, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong[email protected]
27JaberMakram B.1989Behavior of reinforced soil walls in centrifuge model testsLawyer-Partner, Hunton & Williams LLP, Washington, D.C.[email protected]
28TsengDar-Jen1989Prediction of cone penetration resistance and its application to liquefaction assessmentChief Engineer, Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau[email protected]
29AdibMazen E.1988Internal lateral earth pressure in earth wallsAbu Dhabi Municipality[email protected]
30LeeHoma J.1988Geotechnical properties of northeast Pacific Ocean sediment and their relation to geologic processes (U.C. San Diego – co-chair with Wolfgang H. Berger)U.S.G.S. Menlo Park, CA
31KuhnMatthew R.1987Micromechanical aspects of soil creepFaculty, University of Portland, Portland, Oregon[email protected]
32CameronJames T.1986A numerical model for coupled heat and moisture flow through porous mediaBechtel, San Francisco, CA
33CollinJames G.1986Earth wall designPresident, The Collin Group, Bethesda, MD[email protected]
34BrandonThomas L.1985Thermal conductivity and thermal instability of sandFaculty, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia[email protected]
35LowBak Kong1985Analysis of the behavior of reinforced embankments on weak foundations (co-chair with J. M. Duncan)Faculty, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore[email protected]
36HuntsmanScott R.1985Determination of in-situ lateral pressure of cohesionless soils by static cone penetrometerShaw Environmental, Concord, CA[email protected]
37KeavenyJoseph M.1985In-situ determination of drained and undrained soil strength using the cone penetration testDeceased – formerly NGI, Oslo
38LiangRobert Y.1985Evaluation of a constitutive model using the centrifugeFaculty, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio[email protected]
39McMillanJohn C.1985A field study of heat and moisture flow around hot buried pipesShaw Environmental, Concord, CA
40TseEdward C.1985Influence of structure change on pore pressure and deformation behavior of soft clays under surface loadingsManaging Director, Booze Allen Hamilton, Hong Kong
41DunnJeffrey R.1983Hydraulic conductivity of soils in relation to the subsurface movement of hazardous wastesArup – SFO-Oakland, CA[email protected]
42TringalePhilip T.1983Soil identification in-situ using an acoustic cone penetrometerPresident, Treadwell and Rollo, San Francisco, CA[email protected]
43BonaparteRudolph1982A time-dependent constitutive model for cohesive soilsPresident and CEO, GeoSyntec Consultants, Atlanta, GA[email protected]
44LessardGhislain J.P.1981Biogeochemical phenomena in quick clays and their effects on engineering propertiesSOBEK Technologies, Montreal, Canada[email protected]
45VilletWillem C.B.1981Acoustic emissions during the static penetration of soilsPresident and CEO, MMI Engineering and Senior Principal, GeoSyntec Consultants, Oakland, CA[email protected]
46Abdel-HadiOmar N.1978Flow of heat and water around underground power cablesConsultant, Jordan
47Bandyopadhyay  (Banerjee)Sunirmal1978Consolidation characteristics of compressible soils determined in-situ by electro-osmosisDeceased – formerly Professor, University of Washington, Seattle
48KaoTsung-Chung1978Low thermal resistivity backfills for buried power cablesHigh Speed Rail program at Univ. of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana[email protected]
49KavazanjianEdward, Jr.1978A generalized approach to the prediction of the stress-strain-time behavior of soft clayFaculty, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona[email protected]
50RaadLutfi1977Design criteria for soil-cement bases (co-chair with C. L. Monismith)Professor, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska
51TreadwellDonald D.1976The influence of gravity, prestress, compressibility, and layering on soil resistance to static penetrationRetired, Treadwell and Rollo, San Francisco, CA
52TRUEDaniel G.1976Undrained vertical penetration into ocean bottom soilsU.S. Naval Civil Engineering Lab, Port Hueneme, CA
53MoriwakiYoshiharu1975Causes of slaking in argillaceous materialsGeopentech, Santa Ana, CA[email protected]
54ThompsonJames B., III1975Low-velocity impact penetration of low-cohesion soil depositsConsulting Company, Seattle, WA
55AbboudMohammad M.1973Mechanical properties of cement-treated soils in relation to their use in enbankment constructionIn Egypt, position unknown
56HardcastleJames H.1973Factors influencing compressibility and permeability-electrolyte concentration relationships in clayey sedimentsEmertius Professor, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, Deceased
57MahmoodArshud1973Fabric-mechanical property relationships in fine granular soils.MCE Group, Santa Ana, CA
58DurgunogluTuran H.1972Static penetration resistance of soilsPresident, Zetas Earth Technology, Istanbul, Turkey[email protected]
59GreenbergJames A.1971Diffusional flow of salt and water in soilsFaculty, Brooklyn College, the City University of New York[email protected]
60UengTzou-Shin (Joe)1971Performance evaluation of cement-stabilized soil layers and its relationship to pavement designEmeritus Faculty, National Taiwan University, Taiwan[email protected]
61WanDenis T. Y.1971Consolidation of soils by electro-osmosisUnknown
62FossbergPer Egil1970Load-deformation characteristics of three-layer pavements containing cement-stabilized baseDeceased – formerly at World Bank, Washington, DC
63HovlandHeikki J.1970Mechanics of rolling sphere-soil slope interactionConsultant, Oakland, CA
64VinsonTed S.1970The application of polyurethane foamed plastic in soil groutingRetired from Faculty, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR[email protected]
65HirstTerrence J.1968The influence of compositional factors on the stress-strain-time behavior of soilsUnknown
66MooreCharles A., Jr.1968Mineralogical and pore fluid influences on deformation mechanisms in clay soilsFaculty, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH[email protected]
67WangMian-Chang1968Stresses and deflections in cement stabilized soil pavementsFaculty, Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania.[email protected]
68HoustonWilliam N.1967Formation mechanisms and property interrelationships in sensitive claysEmeritus Professor, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona[email protected]
69ArulanandanKandiah1966Electrical response characteristics of clays and their relationships to structureDeceased – formerly Emeritus Professor – UC Davis
70GrayDonald H.1966Coupled flow phenomena in clay – water systemsEmeritus Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan[email protected]
71PaduanaJoseph A.1966The effect of type and amount of clay on the strength and creep characteristics of clay – sand mixturesEmeritus Professor , Sacramento State University, California
72SinghAwtar1966Creep phenomena in soilsLockwood and Singh, Los Angeles, deseaced 2013
73CampanellaRichard, G.1965Effect of temperature and stress on the time-deformation behavior of saturated clayEmeritus Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada[email protected]
74Degraft-JohnsonJoseph William Swain1965Dynamic response of clay under axial cyclic loadingIn Ghana – status unknown
75El JackSid Ahmed1965A study of cement-clay interactionIn Sudan – status unknown
76ShenChih-Kang1965Behavior of cement stabilized soil under repeated loadingEmeritus Professor, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong, then in Davis CA, deceased in July 17, 2012[email protected]