PhD Students

Doctoral Students Supervised by J. K. Mitchell

Last Name First Name Year of Completion Dissertation Title Current Position e-mail Photos
1  Suarez Nestor 2012 Micromechanical Aspects of Aging in Granular Soils (Co-chair with T.L. Brandon) Fugro, Houston
2 Ning Liu 2007 Soil and Site Characterization Using Electromagnetic Waves Faculty- Shanghai
3 Green Russell A. 2001 Energy-based evaluation and remediation of liquefiable soils Faculty, Virginia Tech
4 Bonita John A. 2000 The effects of vibration on the penetration resistance and pore water pressure in sands Weidlinger Assoc., Washington, DC
5 Cooke Harry G. 2000 Ground improvement for liquefaction mitigation at existing highway bridges Faculty, Rochester Inst. of Technology
6 Gallagher Patricia M. 2000 Passive site remediation for mitigation of liquefaction risk Faculty, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
7 Baxter Christopher D.P. 1999 An experimental study on the aging of sands Faculty, Univ. of Rhode Island, Narragansett, Rhode Island
8 Narin van Court Wade A. 1997 Investigation of the densification mechanisms and predictive methodologies for explosive compaction AECOM, Portland, ME (?)
9 Chew Soon Hoe 1994 Deformation behavior of reinforced soil walls Faculty, National University of Singapore, Singapore
10 Lodge Angela L. 1994 Shear wave velocity measurements for subsurface characterization Unknown
11 McRae Michael T. 1994 The behavior of deep excavations in weathered rock (co-chair with T. L. Brekke) Principal, Jacobs Associates, San Francisco, California
12 Olsen Richard S. 1994 Normalization and prediction of geotechnical properties using the cone penetrometer test (CPT) Obsolete – has transferred to D.C. ,ERDC, Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg, MS
13 Soga Kenichi 1994 Mechanical behavior and constitutive modelling of natural structured soils Faculty, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England
14 Zornberg Jorge G. 1994 Performance of geotextile-reinforced soil structures Faculty, Univ. of Texas, Austin, Texas
15 Kayen Robert E. 1993 Accelerogram-energy approach for prediction of earthquake-induced ground liquefaction U.S.G.S., Menlo Park, CA
16 Sadek M. Salah 1993 A comparative study of the electrical and hydraulic conductivities of compacted clay Professor, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
17  Salgado Rodrigo 1993 Analysis of penetration resistance in soils Faculty, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
18 Yapa K.A.S. 1993 Decomposed granite as an embankment fill material: Some mechanical properties and the influence of particle breakage (N. Sitar co-chair) Sri Lanka (?)
19 Chang Mu-Hsiung 1992 Slope stability analysis of lined waste landfills Faculty, National Yunlin Univ. of Science & Technology, Taiwan
20 Dermatas Dimitris 1992 An experimental study to elucidate and eliminate ettringite-induced swelling in lime-stabilized sulfate-bearing clayey soils Associate Professor, Department of Water Resources and Environmental, NTUA, Greece
21 Human Christine A. 1992 Time-dependent property changes of freshly deposited or densified sands Faculty, University at Buffalo, The State Univ. of New York, Buffalo, New York
22 Schmertmann Gary R. 1991 Effects of variable backfill compaction and settlement on reinforced soil wall behavior Principal, Golder Associates, Australia
23 Masood Tahir 1990 Determination of lateral earth pressure in soils by in situ measurement Berkeley Assoc.
24 Sisson Richard C. 1990 Lateral stresses on displacement penetrometers Lead Engineer – Geotechnical, CNRL, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
25 Yeung Albert T. 1990 Electrokinetic barrier to contaminant transport through compacted clay Faculty, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
26 Jaber Makram B. 1989 Behavior of reinforced soil walls in centrifuge model tests Lawyer-Partner, Hunton & Williams LLP, Washington, D.C.
27 Tseng Dar-Jen 1989 Prediction of cone penetration resistance and its application to liquefaction assessment Chief Engineer, Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau
28 Adib Mazen E. 1988 Internal lateral earth pressure in earth walls Abu Dhabi Municipality
29 Lee Homa J. 1988 Geotechnical properties of northeast Pacific Ocean sediment and their relation to geologic processes (U.C. San Diego – co-chair with Wolfgang H. Berger) U.S.G.S. Menlo Park, CA
30 Kuhn Matthew R. 1987 Micromechanical aspects of soil creep Faculty, University of Portland, Portland, Oregon
31 Cameron James T. 1986 A numerical model for coupled heat and moisture flow through porous media Bechtel, San Francisco, CA
32 Collin James G. 1986 Earth wall design President, The Collin Group, Bethesda, MD
33 Brandon Thomas L. 1985 Thermal conductivity and thermal instability of sand Faculty, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
34 Low Bak Kong 1985 Analysis of the behavior of reinforced embankments on weak foundations (co-chair with J. M. Duncan) Faculty, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
35 Huntsman Scott R. 1985 Determination of in-situ lateral pressure of cohesionless soils by static cone penetrometer Shaw Environmental, Concord, CA
36 Keaveny Joseph M. 1985 In-situ determination of drained and undrained soil strength using the cone penetration test Deceased – formerly NGI, Oslo
37 Liang Robert Y. 1985 Evaluation of a constitutive model using the centrifuge Faculty, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio
38 McMillan John C. 1985 A field study of heat and moisture flow around hot buried pipes Shaw Environmental, Concord, CA
39 Tse Edward C. 1985 Influence of structure change on pore pressure and deformation behavior of soft clays under surface loadings Managing Director, Booze Allen Hamilton, Hong Kong
40 Dunn Jeffrey R. 1983 Hydraulic conductivity of soils in relation to the subsurface movement of hazardous wastes Arup – SFO-Oakland, CA
41 Tringale Philip T. 1983 Soil identification in-situ using an acoustic cone penetrometer President, Treadwell and Rollo, San Francisco, CA
42 Bonaparte Rudolph 1982 A time-dependent constitutive model for cohesive soils President and CEO, GeoSyntec Consultants, Atlanta, GA
43 Lessard Ghislain J.P. 1981 Biogeochemical phenomena in quick clays and their effects on engineering properties SOBEK Technologies, Montreal, Canada
44 Villet Willem C.B. 1981 Acoustic emissions during the static penetration of soils President and CEO, MMI Engineering and Senior Principal, GeoSyntec Consultants, Oakland, CA
45 Abdel-Hadi Omar N. 1978 Flow of heat and water around underground power cables Consultant, Jordan
46 Bandyopadhyay  (Banerjee) Sunirmal 1978 Consolidation characteristics of compressible soils determined in-situ by electro-osmosis Deceased – formerly Professor, University of Washington, Seattle
47 Kao Tsung-Chung 1978 Low thermal resistivity backfills for buried power cables High Speed Rail program at Univ. of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana
48 Kavazanjian Edward, Jr. 1978 A generalized approach to the prediction of the stress-strain-time behavior of soft clay Faculty, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
49 Raad Lutfi 1977 Design criteria for soil-cement bases (co-chair with C. L. Monismith) Professor, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska
50 Treadwell Donald D. 1976 The influence of gravity, prestress, compressibility, and layering on soil resistance to static penetration Retired, Treadwell and Rollo, San Francisco, CA
51 TRUE Daniel G. 1976 Undrained vertical penetration into ocean bottom soils U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Lab, Port Hueneme, CA
52 Moriwaki Yoshiharu 1975 Causes of slaking in argillaceous materials Geopentech, Santa Ana, CA
53 Thompson James B., III 1975 Low-velocity impact penetration of low-cohesion soil deposits Consulting Company, Seattle, WA
54 Abboud Mohammad M. 1973 Mechanical properties of cement-treated soils in relation to their use in enbankment construction In Egypt, position unknown
55 Hardcastle James H. 1973 Factors influencing compressibility and permeability-electrolyte concentration relationships in clayey sediments Emertius Professor, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, Deceased
56 Mahmood Arshud 1973 Fabric-mechanical property relationships in fine granular soils. MCE Group, Santa Ana, CA
57 Durgunoglu Turan H. 1972 Static penetration resistance of soils President, Zetas Earth Technology, Istanbul, Turkey
58 Greenberg James A. 1971 Diffusional flow of salt and water in soils Faculty, Brooklyn College, the City University of New York
59 Ueng Tzou-Shin (Joe) 1971 Performance evaluation of cement-stabilized soil layers and its relationship to pavement design Emeritus Faculty, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
60 Wan Denis T. Y. 1971 Consolidation of soils by electro-osmosis Unknown
61 Fossberg Per Egil 1970 Load-deformation characteristics of three-layer pavements containing cement-stabilized base Deceased – formerly at World Bank, Washington, DC
62 Hovland Heikki J. 1970 Mechanics of rolling sphere-soil slope interaction Consultant, Oakland, CA
63 Vinson Ted S. 1970 The application of polyurethane foamed plastic in soil grouting Retired from Faculty, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
64 Hirst Terrence J. 1968 The influence of compositional factors on the stress-strain-time behavior of soils Unknown
65 Moore Charles A., Jr. 1968 Mineralogical and pore fluid influences on deformation mechanisms in clay soils Faculty, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
66 Wang Mian-Chang 1968 Stresses and deflections in cement stabilized soil pavements Faculty, Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania.
67 Houston William N. 1967 Formation mechanisms and property interrelationships in sensitive clays Emeritus Professor, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
68 Arulanandan Kandiah 1966 Electrical response characteristics of clays and their relationships to structure Deceased – formerly Emeritus Professor – UC Davis
69 Gray Donald H. 1966 Coupled flow phenomena in clay – water systems Emeritus Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
70 Paduana Joseph A. 1966 The effect of type and amount of clay on the strength and creep characteristics of clay – sand mixtures Emeritus Professor , Sacramento State University, California
71 Singh Awtar 1966 Creep phenomena in soils Lockwood and Singh, Los Angeles, deseaced 2013
72 Campanella Richard, G. 1965 Effect of temperature and stress on the time-deformation behavior of saturated clay Emeritus Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada
73 Degraft-Johnson Joseph William Swain 1965 Dynamic response of clay under axial cyclic loading In Ghana – status unknown
74 El Jack Sid Ahmed 1965 A study of cement-clay interaction In Sudan – status unknown
75 Shen Chih-Kang 1965 Behavior of cement stabilized soil under repeated loading Emeritus Professor, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong, then in Davis CA, deceased in July 17, 2012