Michael T. McRae Testimonial

Recollections of a Former PhD Student

Professor Mitchell’s clear lectures, rational approach to challenging problems, and calm and friendly style provided a role model for me as a young engineer that I have attempted to emulate throughout my career. I first met Jim Mitchell when I was a student in his soil behavior class in 1980 and I can clearly recall his lectures on soil mineralogy; and the fundamentals I learned in this course have often helped solve a particular problem in ground behavior over my career. I then had the distinct pleasure of being first his teaching assistant and then his doctoral student when I returned to Berkeley for my D.Eng in 1990. I enjoyed working with Jim immensely and found his guidance invaluable in the preparation of my dissertation. His intellectual guidance was only surpassed by his role as a good-natured mentor and I am truly thankful for the time I spent with Jim.

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